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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Google to Sell PCs at Wal-Mart

Google will unveil its own low-price personal computer or other device that connects to the Internet potential called 'Google Cubes'

Google's co-founder and president of products, Larry Page, will give a keynote address Friday at CES in Las Vegas. It is suspected that Page will use the opportunity either to show off a Google computing device or announce a partnership with a big retailer to sell such a machine.

Wally World maybe?

Google would be able to sell this Google-Pc so cheap because they have been secretly (or not so secretly) creating their own operating system which would run on these Google PCs instead of Microsoft Windows in turn helping trim the overall cost of production.

There is no telling what type of functionality this Google Pc will have but it would be a safe bet that there is going to be lots of intergrated search, which means more places for contextual ads which in turn means more money into Google's pocket. More money is exactly what Google needs :eye roll:

It Is also being rumored that this box will be basic media center PC, allowing users to move songs, videos, etc from computer to PC. A product like this could really put pressure on so many different types of industries from hardware manufacturers to cable and network television, there just seems no limit to the extent of the media empire Google is trying to build. Where is my 'Evil Google' picture when I need it?

Keep an eye out for blue light specials on your next Wal-Mart trip and let us know when you see a Google PC!

*Update* Seems like all the Googlers are denying this rumor with the same response:
"We have many PC partners who serve their markets exceedingly well and we see no need to enter that market," Google spokeswoman Eileen Rodriguez told Light Reading via email. "We would rather partner with great companies."

I'm not sure this completely rules out all aspects of a Google-PC, maybe it is just a Google OS? Something just seems fishy to me.

CES won't get here fast enough.

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