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Monday, September 19, 2005

Lab School Wine and Cheese Fundraiser

Hello, Jason's readers...Shannon (the wife) here to chat for a minute, so pull up a nice piece of comfy cozy something (like Piper would say) and get comfortable. I know how much Jason loves his blog, but he loves me more so he gave me permission to post this. What a guy, that Jason, and so sexy. Did you know that when he was little he wanted to spell his name J-A-S-I-N? Anyway, here you go...

So, I have written about the "school" that Piper and Finn attend, Lab School and something really exciting is happening at our school. We are raising money for a new playground for our facility. The main fundraiser is a Wine and Cheese party this weekend that sounds like it's going to be really fun. There will be a wine tasting and raffle and music and everything and it is at the home of one of our lab school families, and let me just say their home is BEAUTIFUL.

So, you are all invited and Jason and I will be there and if you don't want to attend or are busy for some reason, consider making a donation. We have a sponsor that is matching the money we raise up to $10,000. cool, see you there...I'll be the drop-dead grogeous one, right.

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(1) Thoughts on Lab School Wine and Cheese Fundraiser

I came across this blog entry on a google search. I'm interested in having a wine and cheese fundraiser for my daughter's preschool, but not sure of the logistics. If you have time, can you tell me (if you know) how your fundraiser worked? I'm in Orange County, CA, so couldn't use your specific wine provider, but I would appreciate ideas!

Comments by Anne : Saturday, August 26, 2006 at 12:49 AM

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