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Friday, August 05, 2005

LeapFrog Live On The Fly Marketing Campaign

To briefly describe the Live On The Fly site and LeapFrog campaign...

I played with the site briefly and made a couple of notes regarding the technology the site's using to create a rich / engaging interface for site visitors. Including TTS [text to speech], flash remoting, viral marketing, creating dynamic recordings, and a bunch of other items. From first glance the site is something my readers would want to know more about because of the technology used and the method of viral marketing implemented. It's part 'Burger King Subservient Chicken' and part 'Hilary Duff voicemal" viral marketing but it's all interesting.

From Beth McDowell at the Antenna Group

...tween-focused (9-14-year-olds) entertainment and interactive web campaign, marketing LeapFrog Enterprise's new FLY pentop computer...

...Created by EVB, a leading digital interactive agency, the website is designed to engage, entertain and educate youth internet users about LeapFrog's new product using EVB's methodology of online advertainment...

...targets youth with interactive capabilities, utilizing video-based tween hosts to showcase the FLY product, and giving users the opportunity to demonstrate its applications.

Live on the Fly has viral capabilities. For example, users can compose music by drawing any desired instrument with the FLY pentop computer pen, clicking on the instrument to initiate sound and blending various instrument sounds to create personalized songs that can be emailed to friends.

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