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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my dad's birthday, I won't spill the beans on his age but I can tell you this, he's older than me ;) Before I wish him happy birthday directly, I'd like to share a little about him with the rest of you. First off, my dad is actually my step-dad. Not that it really matters because as far as I'm concerned he's my dad and always has been. Tim Compton [his name] met a woman that had a little boy one day when he was down the street from his house taking his dog for a swim in the Indian River. Tim never wanted to have any children but the woman he met that day already had a little boy. The woman asked if her son could pet Tim's Labrador retriever and he obliged. Next thing you know the two of them fall deeply in love, marry, and 31 years later have 11 children. Me being the oldest of those 11.

To summarize for the slower ones in the group, Tim Compton met Carol Dowdell and Carol's son was Jason Dowdell [me] so Tim is my step-dad.

I'm giving you a little background on me and my dad because I can say without a doubt that he is the biggest reason I am where I am today. If my mom hadn't met my dad that day I never would've had 10 siblings, had a surfing buddy nearly every Saturday of my childhood, had a best friend named Bobby Hoppes, had the best soccer coach in the world, had an undefeated soccer season, hated "BAMA" with a passion, learned the ropes of running a business, learned the value of a college education, learned the value of accounting, felt what the prodigal son felt when he returned home into the safe and secure arms of his father after baring the weight of the world on his shoulders, and the list goes on.

Happy Birthday dad, you've taught me so many things over the years and especially in the past 4 months. I know a couple of my siblings had good intentions of making you birthday cards and wound up breaking your miniature surfboard in the process. I'm really sorry about that. I always wanted one of those surfboards, ever since I saw your's when I was just a kid. Hey, maybe we can have a father son project and make a few of them together, what do ya say?

A little bird told me there's a cherry chip cake in a very special birthday dad's future so I do know the day is going to get better. And just think, Jonah's coming home this weekend too so we're really gonna have a great weekend. I hope your day gets better and that all my siblings give you lots of hugs and kisses just to show you how special you are and how much you mean to all of us. I love you and am so thankful you're my dad. So Have a...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y D A D!

By Jason Dowdell at 10:30 AM | Comments (5)

(5) Thoughts on Happy Birthday Dad

Dear Jason,

I just wanted you to know I'm very, very proud of you! Yes indeed.
I had awaken in the middle of the night the other night, couldn't get back to sleep so I decided to get up and read. Instead I found myself on my computer. So, for the heck of it I googled my name. I found nothing. Instead, though, I found your name many times.
I clicked on a link and your picture pop up. There you were.
Google had many links about you and all your accomplishments. I already knew many of them from our relationship (uncle / nephew).
What I didn't know was the extent of them all. To say the least, I was wowed! Also, I didn't know you liked to write.
The next day, Saturday morning 3.17.07, my sister Donna called to say hello and see how all was going.
We talked for a while and before we concluded I told her she should google your name. I kinda sorta bragged a little about you and what a geek you were and mentioned some of your accomplishments that I knew of.
Today, this eve, I recieved an email from her. She asked me if I had seen this. This birthday card / letter to your dad. I had not.
I read it and was moved. And just wanted you to know how proud I was of you. I know Tim and Carol must be very proud.
I'm so glad you had a dad like Tim. A mom like Carol. And the the life you had growing up with them with all your brothers and sisters.
Keep up the good work!


Comments by Mark T. Dowdell : Monday, March 19, 2007 at 10:58 PM

good story very good.

Comments by vanessa : Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 06:41 PM

Thanks for the complement.

Comments by Jason Dowdell : Friday, January 23, 2009 at 02:47 PM

That is very nice of you Jason your parents must be very proud to have a son like you.

Comments by Braxton L. Aarons : Tuesday, September 08, 2009 at 12:37 PM

Thanks for the kind words Braxton.

Comments by Jason Dowdell : Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 03:49 PM

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