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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Google Geeks Beat Microsoft - Poetic Justice?

This is pretty funny. Out at LinuxWorld the Google Geeks went up against the Microsoft Voles in a battle of geek wits. Google ended up winning the competition because the Microsoft brainiacs were unable to recall the year Windows version 1 was released. Call it poetic justice or just ironic but that's hilarious. The boys over the pond at TheInquirer have a great writeup of the geek technofest competition and provide more details. Definitely worth a read. Here are a couple snippets from their post.
"SPINSTERS at Microsoft were practically slashing their wrists yesterday when the company’s team was defeated in a geekish general knowledge competition by search rivals Google...

But, horrors of horrors, the Volish geeks,led by Analyst Relations Specialist Rob Curran, wearing a full Darth Vader suit, cocked up on a question that was related to their own corporate history..."

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