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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

BrightCove Is Hiring

Interested in working at a company working on some wicked sweet technology run by wicked smart folks with a history of building companies from scratch that make a lot of money? Then maybe the new BrightCove job listing is for you. Jeremy Allaire and the BrightCove team are looking to hire some other wicked smart folks!
Brightcove continues to grow, and we are now hiring in a wide-range of roles, including:

* Product Management
* Online Marketing
* Advertising Sales and Operations
* Sales and Business Development
* Production and Editorial
* Customer Service
* Accounting
* Visual and interactive design
* QA and Engineering

As we prepare to launch, the energy here is tremendous, and you will find an exceptionally bright, motiviated and passionate group working to transform media and television. Most of these roles are in Cambridge/Boston, MA, with some also in New York and Los Angeles.

I asked Jeremy if he's given more info regarding what BrightCove is up to and he said I should listen to some of the interviews he's given recently and has linked to from their blog.

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