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Monday, July 11, 2005

Yawn, Podcasting With Windows Media Player

Now if I endorsed anyone using the Windows Media player for podcasting I'd certainly be hung in the gallows. After all, the conspiracy theorists have been fairly active on my previous post about the subject of Windows Media Player spying. Yet Robert Scoble can talk all day about it, after all that's what he gets paid to do. Hmmm, one day I'll have to get one of those technology evangelist gigs. I hear the pay's right and you get to surf the web and play with new gadgets and such. That's my kind of setup.

I point out Robert's post because of how unsexy it sounds. Say it out loud with me here.

Podcasting with Windows Media Player

It doesn't get much more boring than that. No offense Robert, you're a popular guy and I know you expect folks to take a shot every now and then and that's not my intention. I'm just thinking about the fact that Windows and Podcasting are in the same sentence. Podcasting is a derivative of the iPod phenom which is a product of Apple and Mac don't play well with Microserfs since they have a long checkered history. Anyway, I saw some inherent irony in the post and had to throw that out there. I did throw you some nofollow free link love since I used your post for blog fodder. So sorry and thanks.

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