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Monday, July 11, 2005

Pay Per Call Heats Up

Pay Per Bling aka Pay Per Call

My boy Greg Sterling says the ppc [pay per call] space is heating up and cites Miva's move into the UK and several insider conversations he's had recently. Most people don't know that the Kelsey Group use to have a voice division but has since left that market. However, since pay per call has been an offshoot of the search industry, they're covering this aspect of voice.

Here's a snippet from Greg's post.
On the heels of the U.K. launch of PPCall by MIVA (using Ingenio’s system), Netimperative reports that there are two other companies offering or about to offer PPCall in the U.K.

The Kelsey Group also knows of a major U.S. Internet Yellow Pages publisher that is about to offer PPCall to its online advertisers. These developments (plus other conversations I’ve had) suggest that the market for Internet driven calls will develop more rapidly than the several years it took for pay-per-click to build momentum.

The Kelsey Group has recently released a report on Pay Per Call and it's a must read for anyone needing to know what they should do to capitalize on this hot trend in search.

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