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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hey David Sifry & Technorati Team - Thanks!

Recently Technorati's taken a beating in the blogosphere about slow load times and lack of completeness with results. Then last night I thought things had sped up a little bit but wasn't sure if it was the 2am traffic lull that was responsible for that.

Then David Sifry posts this response to the blogosphere. He took the initiative and called the buzz around Technorati's issues "great feedback and comments". I'm glad Dave chose to address the buzz in a way that made the most sense.

What Dave Said
First he and the Technorati team began working even more fervantly on the issues at hand. Secondly, once many of the issues were taken care of he made a statement on his personal blog... I'm guessing one will be forthcoming on many of Technorati's employee blogs as well.

...our search traffic has increased by over 40% month on month for each of the last 4 months...

...Recently a number of people have had some pretty public complaints about some of Technorati's services. Thanks for the terrific feedback and comments. I feel your pain.

We sat down, listened hard to what you were saying, and then got to work. And tonight, we rolled out a raft of bug fixes and performance enhancements that should help most, if not all of the Cosmos (URL) searches you do on Technorati. It will also help with the speed of all searches across the site...

What we should learn from this.
The blogosphere is wild and wooly and can't be told what to do. But if you...

1. Listen to what is being said [in the blogosphere or elsewhere].
2. Analyze whether or not there is truth in the buzz.
3. If there is a grain of truth then ferrett it out and fix the problem.
4. Report back to the buzz makers with a post showing you've already done what you can in response to the buzz and be genuine. Show you care about your customers / users and that you'll stop at nothing to keep them happy and earn back their trust.
5. Keep working on the issues and ask for more feedback from the buzz makers in an effort to be the best and to connect with your users on a more personal level.

Again, great job Dave and the Technorati team. I think many a company can learn a great lesson about damage control and customer service in these crazy times. I'll keep following with me eyes open wide.

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