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Thursday, July 21, 2005

BlogPulse Profile Tool Has The Blogosphere Buzzing!

Wow, I had no idea how much of a stir the release of the profiles tool inside of BlogPulse was going to be. I'm amazed at the number of people saying it's a Technorati slayer and how much they love this new feature in BlogPulse. Technorati's community manager is even excited about it, how weird is that? Doh! Here's a quote from the blog of Technorati community manager Niall Kennedy.

...The new tool from Intelliseek displays various information Intelliseek collects about a the top 10,000 blog URLs such as people linking to the blog, sites linked by the blog, most recent blog posts, and common keywords. They also provide a list of 10 blogs that cite similar links and text.

My favorite feature is the common keywords identified in recent posts. It would be fun to take a group of keywords and guess the blogger.

From the Blog Herald.
...Intelliseek’s BlogPulse has launched a range of upgrades to its blog tracking tools that could finally see the emergence of a Technorati slayer in the blogosphere.

The new service, BlogPulse Profiles, delivers Technorati like features including ranking blogs based on citations, and incoming links, in addition to outward citations, recent posts, keywords used on the blog (tags?) and interestingly a list of blogs that have common themes based on what they are linking to, interesting in terms that it delivered a number of interesting blogs I’d not read before but am actually really happy to have discovered...

...This is the first time we’ve seen a serious challenge to Technorati based on functionality and usability as opposed to blog tracking alone. BlogPulse profiles can be viewed here.

Mark Jen used the new BlogPulse profile tool to see his future. His 15 minutes of fame are over. Hey, it was a fun ride while it lasted, right Mark?
...According to blogpulse they are! Here’s the graph of my BlogPulse blog rank; clearly you can see a decline over the past month....

Rubel's having double-vision and is compelled to put up 2 posts about the new BlogPulse tool.

Should be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. Right now the profile tool is returning an http header of 500, which is a connection refused error. If this doesn't get fixed in the am then it's going to go from a huge success to a huge debacle and lots of ground will be lost in no time flat. Hmmm, wonder if the blogosphere will be kind. My guess is it will since many people have raved about how good the profile tool is and if they have to step back and say, wait I was wrong, then they lose face. People would rather deal with a minor delay than lose face any day, especially when they're "EXPERTS".

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