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Friday, June 24, 2005

Podcasting Roadshow Stopping In Vancouver

In a related note, the podcast roadshow's next stop is Vancouver. Eric Rice is the mastermind behind the string of podcasting and videoblogging events that have thus far stopped in Hawaii and Seattle. I highly recommend attending next Monday if you're going to be in the Vancouver B.C. area just to see Eric in action. He's one of those guys the camera loves, unlike me. His enthusiasm is well tempered by his knowledge and desire to educate the world about all things blogging. He was just on TechTV a week or so ago, I'd link to the video but for some reason his site is down at the moment.

Eric is also the founder of AudioBlog, a service similar to Odeo but with a different look and feel. Both Audioblog and Odeo make it easy for you to create and syndicate podcasts but they use different approaches [and there are some service differences as well] and a little bit different technology. All in all both are good services I recommend checking out but you'll have to wait some time for Odeo since it's not quite finished. Perhaps I'll do a writeup of the two services and offer a side by side comparison. I think I'd better wrap up some Q & A's first though before I start getting hatemail.

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