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Friday, June 10, 2005

My CV or Curriculum Vitae Is Up - Marketing Technology Focus

Well it's official, I'm now a free agent. As part of being a free agent I did the resume update deal but also created a CV. I did so because a resume is just too narrow a document to describe me and my areas of expertise and interest. Plus, it's more like telling a story and is a lot more fun than a plain ol resume, IMO anyway.

So I know this raises some questions like, why aren't you at WebSourced / KeywordRanking anymore? and Are you still going to do seo? and Oooh, give me all the juicy details of why you aren't at WebSourced.

Well, quite simply, WebSourced and I had differences of opinion and have since parted ways. I wish them the best of luck with everything they have going on and I'm sure they think the same. I'm sorry but there will be no juicy details, quite simply, we were moving in different directions and that about sums it up.

I'm now looking into several different exciting areas including but not limited to blogs and RSS, API's and all they involve, business development and I have a few startups in mind as well. Everything is very exciting right now, though a bit nerve wracking, and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

I know posting has been light and it may be light for a week or two more but it will pick up again sometime soon. Anyway, keep coming back and I promise to keep it fun.

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(1) Thoughts on My CV or Curriculum Vitae Is Up - Marketing Technology Focus

Nielson/NetRatings has issued a study showing that the top 10 social networking sites saw traffic grow 47% over the last year, with MySpace seeing the biggest growth (367% increase) and MSN Spaces (286%) seeing the biggest growth. Hosted blogging systems were included in the study.

One thing to note about those numbers is that while Classmates had one of the lowest positive growth rates at 10%, they spend loads on advertising while MySpace, Youtube, and Facebook haven't spent a penny.

If I recall correctly, a couple years ago was one of the 10 largest spenders on online advertising.

There are plenty of new social networking sites poping up but what get's me why can't myspace there instant messenger working. $580 mill and can't afford to fix instant messenger BAD myspace.
There are so many better ones how about for example has all the features of myspace plus quizzes, polls, webchat with audio and video oh and hey they have instant messenger. You have a long way to go myspace.


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