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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Content Remix Artists ShoutOut

Erin did exactly what I expected and came up with a piece about content remix artists and put the depth I was unable to accomplish myself into the piece. I especially love her Thomas Kinkade smackdown. Reason being I can't stand the self-proclaimed painter of light because I once worked in a small web dev shop and Thomas Kinkade was a client. He had hired us to build this web application that enabled people [women in particular] to have a Thomas Kinkade house party and hock his wares. You know, something similar to Mary Kay. Whenever my wife hears anything about Mary Kay or Princess House she starts running in the opposite direction and for good reasons. Anyway, Erin's post was quite decent and thoroughly enjoyable so rock on Erin!

Another blogger I didn't even ask to contribute did so on his own and has some pretty good points as well. He even talks about Technorati's Live8 site as a form of content remixing but he let's them off a bit easy IMHO.

Looks like good ol Barry Schwartz came through again, his site appears to be down at the moment but I'll check out his post after his site is back up... hmmm, maybe it's just my crappy hotel wifi connection that's bombing out. Either way, thanks for chatting it up Barry, we'll talk soon.

I'm so lovin this stuff!

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