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Monday, April 25, 2005

SEW Evaluates Brilliant Shopper - Meta Search Engine

SEW posted a review of BrilliantShopper, a new meta shopping search engine that focuses much of its development on the user interface. I spoke with their CEO, Phillip Lan last month but focused the post more on a good approach by a PR firm to make contact with a blogger. I did speak with Phillip about their new shopping search engine and will post the results of the interview when I find them.

Man, my life is a wreck right now, stay tuned.

From the SEW post...
Brilliant Shopper has been in beta, and plans its official launch on Wednesday. The new service looks promising, but has a few rough edges. For one thing, it's difficult to know where search results are coming from. The company has several partners, but other than product listings obviously provided by and sponsored listings served by FindWhat, there's no indication of where content comes from...

...But I'm willing to give the company a break, and watch the service as it evolves. As with most other vertical search spaces, there isn't a clear leader yet in the shopping search arena. The major players continue to improve, but none have yet dominated—certainly not to the point of providing one-stop shopping search.

Which is good news, for us. It creates opportunities for companies like Brilliant Shopper to push out new services, which in turns spurs competition among existing players. I suspect my annual round-up of shopping search services next November will feature some interesting new developments, especially from some of the new players like Brilliant Shopper.

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