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Friday, April 15, 2005

Open Invite To SF Giants Home Game Wed April 20th

Can't beat wifi at a baseball gameI'm going to be in San Jose next week speaking at the Kelsey Group conference and figured that since I was already there I might as well take the short trip to San Francisco and attend a Giants game. Ever since Ev posted a pic of the blogger boys at Giants Stadium from his laptop I was green with geek envy. Right then and there I vowed to one day do the same thing. Well next week will be my first opportunity.

I'd also like to extend this open invite to anyone out there interested in going to the game. If there is enough interest from the San Jose area we can just carpool [hopefully I won't have to drive, hehe]. Who knows who will show up? I've got a few invites out there and you never know, maybe on of your favorite bloggers will be podcasting with me from the game.

Wondering about how you can access the wifi at Giants Stadium? Well wonder no more.

Where in the ballpark can I access the Giants WiFi Network?

SBC Park offers WiFi coverage throughout the entire facility, from the gates at Willie Mays Plaza to the waters of McCovey Cove.

What is the connection speed for wireless devices?

Between the access point and each WiFi-enabled device, most users typically experience speeds between 2 to 5 megabits per second (mbps). From the access point to the Internet, it will be a broadband experience.

Does the WiFi system know what type of device I'm using?

To optimize performance, some websites serve customers different versions of their site depending upon the hardware used (PDA, laptop). Other sites do not have special versions for PDA users but allow scrolling of the screen to view content.

Does the WiFi network capture any of my personal information?

No personal information is collected without the customer's knowledge. Purchase of services over the Internet will require credit card information and address, which is generally processed over standard web interfaces protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and encryption of data to ensure security of data transmission.

Is the Giants WiFi Network protected by a firewall?

The Giants WiFi Network implements a firewall as an integral part of the Giants WiFi Network Welcome Page. Once the connecting process on this page is complete, no information is restricted, monitored, or blocked.

Why might I need to change my SSID for FreedomLink, and how can I do so?

An SSID (Service Set Identifier) is a unique code that tells a computer which wireless network to connect to. The Giants Wifi Network is configured to broadcast an SSID that allows a wireless adapter/card to detect and use the Giants WiFi Network.
If you are having difficulty connecting to the Giants WiFi Network, you may need to specify your SSID as "Freedomlink" (without the quotes, case-sensitive). Depending on the brand of the WiFi card, the SSID may also be known as the Network Name or ESSID.

So come on out to the ballpark! Podcasting, blogging and baseball, Oh My!

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