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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Oodle, Apple Pie & iUpload - New Business Models Emerging

K, so it's been nuts lately but here's a sliver of a glimpse at what's going on in my world. I had a good conversation with Craig Donato [ceo of Oodle] yesterday. We talked about their business model, why there is even a need for such a service and possible implications on the local search market on down the road. I'll post more on it later but right now there's just no time.

Quick Thought About Oodle & The Impending NewsPaper Crisis:
I think they might be one of a handful of online content players that can save newspapers. Another company that has a great shot of becoming a newspaper company savior is iUpload. Think communities via apple pie...

Add a pinch of social networking & mix in some good content.
Let the best ingredients rise to the top.
Bake at 350.
Give everyone you like a piece of the pie.
Find local shops that want to sell your pie to their customers.
Let the market realize how good your pie is.
Bake more pies.

Can't expand right now... gotta go.

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