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Monday, April 04, 2005

Off To The Shrink

I'm off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Jason. That's right, I'm off to the shrink for my bi-monthly appointment. I think the only reason he likes talking to me so much [or does he, maybe he's playing mind games with me] is because I talk to him about the world of search and give him ideas for ways to better document and research his patients diagnosis versus their symptoms using technology. My psychiatrist is actually a pretty cool guy but I do so look forward to these appointments. Just being able to get stuff off my chest in a format where there is no judgement is great. I usually leave with a few ideas of how to improve life on the homefront for Shannon and the girls so that helps.

One thing my shrink told me that I'll encourage you other tech entrepreneurs to remember is...
Remember, your family is your second job. If you don't show them that they're as important to you as your job then you'll have a rough time. But if you show them they're important to you by remembering events, spending quality time and having fun then they'll reciprocate and things will be better.

~ jasons shrink

So consider this my public service announcement for the day. Place a priority on your own mental well being and make your family a priority in your life. Your life will be fuller and your work life will be more gratifying.

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