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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Email Marketing ROI Alive And Kicking

MarketingVox points to a story from eMarketer which cites data about email marketing and the return on investment associated with it. eMarketer said 63% of the respondants to their survey use email marketing to retain customers and increase loyalty. But I didn't see anything about any actual ROI data, bummer.

When I spoke with Craig Donato the other day he actually talked about how integral email is for alerting Oodle users when a classified listing has been found that matches their criteria. He also said they'll end up using RSS as well but not because he thinks it will work better than email but just because industry analysts will blast them if RSS isn't in their vocabulary. Those are my words, not Craig's.

It's pretty interesting though because the reason Craig is using email inside Oodle is in line with the report.

"retain customers and increase loyalty"

Very interesting indeed. Especially since I know of a company that has an email server that's completely CANN Spam compliant and fits inside the price point of 90% of SME's and SMB's [small businesses] out there that conduct business online. Add to that the fact that it can send out over a million emails an hour and provides all the necessary data about the batches from delivery rates to bounces to opens and clickthrus... it's pretty impressive.

I must admit that a mysteriously delicous iPod photo 60 gig with an inscription of their company on the back arrived in the mail a few weeks back, but I do think they have a killer product and when they are able to do a head to head comparison with their server and StrongMail I know who will end up on top. My friends!

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