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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bloglines Does Podcasts

I was quoted earlier this week in an article about the strategic move on the part of Bloglines to begin tracking packages. My comments were not positive at best. However, when I logged into my bloglines account yesterday I was greeted with a messsage that makes a lot more sense about another feature they added. The ability to aggregate your favorite podcast feeds. Ah, that's much better. Here's the message they greeted me with.

Using Bloglines To Track Podcasts

Podcasts are audio blogs that people create as an alternate form of online expression. Think of them as pirate radio on the web, free from the restrictions of time and geography. Some are professionally produced, like talk shows and music broadcasts, while others are less formal daily diaries and running commentary between friends.

Whether you are iPodless in Ipanema or a Podcasting Pro on the Go, Bloglines can help you find, track and enjoy podcasts.

Subscribe to Podcasts in Bloglines
If you are new to podcasting, find a few to sample by checking out some of the online guides to the new art, like or Every podcast has an RSS feed, so simply subscribe to your favorites as you would any other kind of blog or news feed in Bloglines.

Once you subscribe to a podcast feed in Bloglines, it will be added to your personal My Feeds list. When a new podcast is available, you’ll see the alert next to that feed. Each podcast update has a text note accompanied by an “enclosure� icon that links to the audio podcast file. Simply click on that enclosure link to start the podcast. That will launch your desktop media player or specialized podcasting software like, and the podcast of your choice will play right from Bloglines.

Plus you can save podcasts to your Clippings folder, or post them to your Clip Blog to share with others.

Experienced podcast listeners like to use Bloglines to monitor for updates and get notification when new podcasts are available, so they never miss episodes of their favorites.

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