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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

7-Eleven In Silicon Valley

I guess it's part of normal human behavior to want to find something that reminds us of home when we're in an area we're not use to. Although I've been to the Valley before, it was for a very brief time and I didn't have a chance to feel my way around and really see what there is to be seen here. Well, as many of you know, my favorite convenience store is 7-11. It's my dream [not really but humor me here] to own a chain of 7-11 stores because I love them so much. They're the king of convenient store branding, they invented the Big Gulp for heavens' sake! How many other Gulp competitors are out there playa hatin against the Gulp? A bunch I tell ya. They also invented the Big Bite, other stores can't touch 7-11 from a branding perspective. So anyway, I was overjoyed when I realized there are 7-11's out here in Silicon Valley. I found one over near Google [on the other side of the 101 in a little suburban area - don't recall the name] and I stopped in. My fear was they wouldn't have the two things I so desperately needed, a Super Big Gulp of Mountain Dew and a Big Bite hotdog. Then I saw both and immediately said...
Oh thank heaven for 7-11!
Anyway, I got my goods and headed out to my car to eat my lunch. It made me feel like I was at my home away from home. I typically hit a 7-11 in Merritt Island or Cape Canaveral back home to grab a quick lunch and this felt almost the same. Anyway, Silicon Valley isn't that much different than Merritt Island, at least from a convenience store perspective. Noah, why don't you post a comment here about our many surf trips after work and the visit to 7-11 on the way home and how we were able to create a meal out of a bag of chips and a super big gulp;)

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