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Monday, March 14, 2005

Q & A With Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire

Jeremy Allaire Q & A on Brightcove Recently, I sent Jeremy Allaire a few questions about his new venture, Brightcove. Since the company's not fully launched [they're building what the pr world calls "buzz" right now] he couldn't comment on every question I had about what Brightcove's exact business model is but that will come soon enough. For the time being you'll have to settle for another Q & A [MarketingShift style] with someone I consider a visionary. Where he leads people will follow. Enjoy!

Q: Did you do the voiceover on the demo flash movie on
A: Yes.

Q: Are you forming partnerships with any hardware manufacturers at this time? Such as mobile phone manufacturers w/video playback features. Are there any plans to partner with hardware manufacturers or do you plan on staying completely on the software side?
A:Brightcove expects to support a range of consumer electronics products for our service, but are not talking about any specific partnerships at this time, though it is reasonable to assume that we'd be working with a range of device manufacturers.

Q: Does your business plan involve p2p networks?
A:Brightcove believes P2P distribution is an important technology for content delivery, though by no means a silver-bullet. The cost of bandwidth for distributing video content is one small part of a large puzzle for creating great video and television experiences.

Q: I assume the business model is a subscription based licensing model. Is this correct? Are there any customers / beta testers using your system currently during this 3 - 4 month quiet period?
A:We are not talking about the business model or customers at this time.

Q: How many developers are on the BrightCove project? What's the architecture of BrightCove? Operating System, Middle Tier Dev. Lang., Backend DB's?
A:Not talking about this at this time.

Q: Are there plans to utilize video bloggers to help get the message out when BrightCove is fully launched?
A:We definitely expect to work closely with video bloggers interested in new, rich forms of online video distribution.

Q: Do you see the drop in video production costs opening up the doors for citizen journalists [bloggers] to fully complement popular news sites like CNet, CNN, etc...?
A:Absolutely, we expect the same diversity and creativity currently being applied in the "text web" to come forth in the world of Internet Television.

Q: What do you see the major networks [NBC, CBS, ABC] doing in order to leverage technology and keep their news dynasty in tact? Or is it too late for them?
A:Actually, many of these networks are among the most advanced in their use and application of Internet technology, and as the broadband audience grows to north of 100M users this is clearly a very attractive market opportunity for them.

Q: What is the 'internet based distribution channel' you speak of in the video? Are we talking about members who've signed up and paid a fee for the ability to syndicate video along certain verticals, themes or subject matter?
A:There are a lot of unique things about the Internet as a distribution channel for content, we are taking advantage of many of those unique things. Enough said!

Q: Is this distribution channel comprised of professionals, lay persons or both?
A:No comment.

Q: Is there a certain requirement level that must be obtained before a distributor is given the right to syndicate content?
A:No comment.

Q: Is there a fee for the creator of the video?
A:Not discussing business model at this time.

Q: Do you foresee a time when movies will be distributed using a mechanism like BrightCove instead of traditional theatres?

Q: My blog focuses on the migration from analog methods of marketing to the digital realm and I understand how a digital based service can leverage...
A:We agree -- Internet Television will provide very powerful vehicles for advertisers to reach and interact with consumers.

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