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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

BrilliantShopper New Shopping Meta Search Engine

This post is a correction to the original post. In the original post I left out the "T" in Brilliant. Sorry for the dupe post, here's the real deal.

Brilliant Shopper CEO Phillip LanI received the following PR request from a company called LaunchSquad last week. I thought I'd post the request here since it's pretty well put together and only went out to 4 bloggers. I like how the PR firm put together a thorough and well thought out email. Additionally, it only went to 4 bloggers which helps to ensure they're being selective in who they're getting to bite on their request.

I touched base with the PR firm later that evening [after receiveing the email] and then I spoke with their client's CEO Phillip Lan about their company []. I found they have an interesting approach to shopping search and are focusing almost exclusively on the user interface to separate and aggregate certain types of related shopping data. There are some backend technologies, including a proprietary algorithm, that will aid in filtering the types of results served but they're going with a traditional search engines' database to start the filtering process.

Side Note: I think we're going to see a trend in the resurgence of Meta Search engines in general based on the need of users to aggregate data in a timely manner in a single interface. Also, we'll see an increased need for filtering and ranking algorithms on the Meta Search Engines side in order to provide the highest quality results across a network of search engines.

I'll probably post more on them later before they launch their new site. In the meantime, here's a good example of how to pitch a blogger as well as the bio of Brilliant Shopper’s CEO.


I obviously don’t need to pitch you on the idea that vertical search is about to "take over," as Danny Sullivan said at the Search Engine Strategies show. A lot of bloggers are buzzing about the concept and the new technology, and apparently the VCs are too. However, not many of them are talking about the user experience. If vertical search is meant to help consumers navigate the web similar to the way that channels help them navigate TV programing, then the design of the userexperience must be both compelling and friendly.

A soon-to-be launched site called Brilliant Shopper has been developed by former Ask Jeeves folks. Chief executive Phillip Lan and his team have been working to leverage web search technology to create "niche search engines" that could help online shoppers overcome frustrations with the general and often irrelevant results they were receiving.

Phillip is bringing Brilliant Shopper to market with a solid team and adifferentiated approach to shopping search that is focused on user experience, as opposed to only wiz bang technology, in much the same way that Jeeves approached the general search market. Brilliant Shopper combines a proprietary shopping -- focused search engine with features such as coupon search, product reviews search and customizable search results pages -- and will deliver a unique set of tools designed to facilitate online shopping.

I’d like to set up a teleconference for you and Phillip so that he can further brief you on Brilliant Shopper’s technology and design, and his strategy for the company. Please contact me to set something up or to discuss any questions you might have.

Eric for Brilliant Shopper"

Phillip Lan, President and CEO
Phillip is a high-tech veteran experienced in spotting new trends and moving organizations to capitalize on them. Seeing the need for specialized search engines early on, Phillip provided the vision for Brilliant Shopper’s vertical search technologies. Previously, Phillip oversaw Ask Jeeves’ syndication team, where he drove the effort to introduce paid links into their network. He was also responsible for optimizing Overture (Yahoo) and Google’s paid search products on the flagship website. Prior to Ask Jeeves, Phillip successfully managed multi-billion dollar product lines for the IBM Corporation, earning three professional awards within his first two years at the company. Earlier in his career, Phillip's efforts helped Unigen Corporation earn distinction as one of Silicon Valley’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. Phillip holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California at Davis as well as an MBA with concentration in Computer Information Systems.

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(2) Thoughts on BrilliantShopper New Shopping Meta Search Engine

I was slightly disappointed in the BrilliantShopper site, as it doesn't allow the user to see shipping and tax prices.

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