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Monday, February 28, 2005

Jeremy Allaire Launches BrightCove

I found a real gem in my Jeremy's new company is BrightCove - Formerly Code named VidMark inbox from Jeremy Allaire this morning. He just launched BrightCove, a company he's been working on in secrecy over the past year. Most of you know that Jeremy [and his brother] are the creators of ColdFusion, a web development scripting language that made it easy for the average guy to query databases and return the information to a browser. But most of you have no idea of what Jeremy's been up to since he left the CTO position at Macromedia and went into hiding over at General Catalyst.

Here are a few snippets from Jeremy's blog...
"...The theme of the "democratization of media" is one that goes all the way back to my origin interests in the Internet, and to some of the important ideas that framed and drove ColdFusion, and Allaire's other software franchises. We're onto the next phase of experiences on the Internet, and the much richer and expressive medium of video....

...we hope to help producers and publishers of video take us into the emerging era of Internet Television..."

Jeremy and I are going to converse about what all this means later today and I'll post the stuff you won't find elsewhere on Marketing Shift after I've digested and wrapped my head around all of it.

This democratization of video is being applied to audio too and it's a trend we'll begin to see a lot more of in the next 6 - 12 months. Ev launched Odeo to do something similar for podcasting... can you spot the trend?

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