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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Become Buzz Is Building

Here's a view from the outside as well as a few from within. Become's building use to be owned by Silicon Graphics [SGI] but when their revenues turned south Goldman Sachs purchased the building. Goldman Sachs also owns the building Google's currently leasing. Become is sandwiched between Yahoo's headquarters in Sunnyvale and Google's in Mountain View.Become headquarters in Mountain View, CA

I must say that on the way into the office this morning, I found it hard to not get excited about being in the valley. I'm driving by offices of buildings for some of the world's coolest technology companies and it made me want to be even geekier than I currently am.

Here's Trinity and blank from Bite Communications getting ready for the big evening. I smell free t-shirts!!!

I'll bring back a free Become tshirt to the person that can create the most amount of words with the letters in BECOME. Post your entries as comments. You can post multiple comments and I'll aggregate your totals. Comments must be in by 5pm left coast time in order to be included in your totals. Good Luck!
Headi working hard
Bite PR Team
These t-shirts may be your's

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