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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Yahoo Search Marketing To Shed Those Holiday lbs.

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With every New Year we face lots of changes in our lives, we have the usual New Year's resolutions: 'I'm going to lose that 20lbs', 'I'm going to find a better job', and the ever famous 'I'm going to start working out, everyday!' Well beer bellies and thunder thighs aren't the only things changing (or hoping to) in our lives, marketing technology will be changing as well. Yahoo! has decided to kickoff 2006 with its own resolution to make the Yahoo Search Marketing console (ie Yahoo's version of Adwords) better then ever by making changes to help advertisers maximize their advertising dollars and also to help the overall image of Yahoo!

The first change Yahoo is going to make is to shorten the length of the ads that show up on the SERPs from 190 characters to 70 characters. This is the number currently used by Google Adwords and conveniently this will also be the ad length for MSN's Keywords program within MSN AdCenter. I believe this will be a positive change on the advertiser side and from the regular Joe Searcher who uses Yahoo as their search engine by making the SERP page much cleaner and allowing Joe Searcher to more easily read the paid search results along with the organic results. The changes will start with this simple change on January 1st.

I will do my best to keep your informed of the proposed changes and give you my opinion, so those in the PPC game can stay on top of changes made by Yahoo! and know what's happening with their money. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the changes as they are rolled out so check back here and drop us a line with your comments.

On a side note, Thanks to Stevil for all his help with the nifty images that mShift has been able to post over the last month or so and hopefully for the upcoming year.

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