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Friday, December 30, 2005

Pete's Wicked Ale / Miller Lite Creator R.I.P

Pete's Wicked

I hate to end the year on a sad note but there is a man who should be remembered by anyone who has sipped a Miller Light, funneled a Bud Light, or drank a tasty micro-brew. Joseph L. Owades, who invented light beer and ushered in the age of the micro-brewery in America and is also known as the "godfather of the brewing industry," was laid to rest last week.

Owades, originally a biochemist, stumbled into beer making when he couldn't find a job researching his specialty of cholesterol. He developed a process to remove the starch from beer, making it lower in carbohydrates and calories and us beer snobs will also say taste. The new beer was called Gablinger's, which became a product of Meister Brau, all of which was eventually purchased by the Miller Brewing Co. Miller Lite was made famous by the company's "tastes great, less filling" advertising campaign, but it was exactly the same product that Owades had invented in his laboratory years before. Shamefully, Bud Light, Coors Light and every other light beer manufacturer eventually copied this formula.

Those of us who enjoy a slightly higher quality beer then Miller Lite, you should appreciate Owades contribution to the micro-brewing industry. A nationally known brewmaster, he trained virtually every brewer of note in the country, and developed the formulas for many of the nation's leading beers, including Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Tuborg, New Amsterdam Beer, Foggy Bottom Beer, and one of my personal favorites, (and not just because I'm enjoying one right now) Pete's Wicked Ale.

Even though he was the reason for the mistake that we call light beer, I celebrate Joseph Owades craft-brewing accomplishments. I can't think of a better way to ring in the New Year, then enjoying one of the delicious creations of my main man Joseph L. Owades as you rock out with Dick Clark. Please put down that nasty Miller Light and enjoy a real beer.

So Mr. Owades, if you are reading this (Heaven has the Internet right?) I say to you 'Thanks, and bottoms up'. Beerping #2

Pete's Wicked Ale / Miller Lite Creator R.I.P By Evan Roberts at 06:19 PM
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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Yahoo Search Marketing To Shed Those Holiday lbs.

Yahoo Logo

With every New Year we face lots of changes in our lives, we have the usual New Year's resolutions: 'I'm going to lose that 20lbs', 'I'm going to find a better job', and the ever famous 'I'm going to start working out, everyday!' Well beer bellies and thunder thighs aren't the only things changing (or hoping to) in our lives, marketing technology will be changing as well. Yahoo! has decided to kickoff 2006 with its own resolution to make the Yahoo Search Marketing console (ie Yahoo's version of Adwords) better then ever by making changes to help advertisers maximize their advertising dollars and also to help the overall image of Yahoo!

The first change Yahoo is going to make is to shorten the length of the ads that show up on the SERPs from 190 characters to 70 characters. This is the number currently used by Google Adwords and conveniently this will also be the ad length for MSN's Keywords program within MSN AdCenter. I believe this will be a positive change on the advertiser side and from the regular Joe Searcher who uses Yahoo as their search engine by making the SERP page much cleaner and allowing Joe Searcher to more easily read the paid search results along with the organic results. The changes will start with this simple change on January 1st.

I will do my best to keep your informed of the proposed changes and give you my opinion, so those in the PPC game can stay on top of changes made by Yahoo! and know what's happening with their money. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the changes as they are rolled out so check back here and drop us a line with your comments.

On a side note, Thanks to Stevil for all his help with the nifty images that mShift has been able to post over the last month or so and hopefully for the upcoming year.

Yahoo Search Marketing To Shed Those Holiday lbs. By Jason Dowdell at 03:49 PM
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Monday, December 26, 2005

Technology Marketing ThinkPieces To Follow

In the light of this journalistic evergreen I'll be posting a few thinkpieces on where I see technology and marketing headed in 2006. 2005 Has been such a cool year from a marketing technolgy perspective and I think '06 will be even more impressive. There are just so many different spaces to keep and eye on and so many advancements that I've found myself having a hard time limiting the list to my top 10 predictions but I'm nearly done. I'll post the list tomorrow as well as an invite to anyone who thinks I'm wrong to say so and why. I normally admit when I'm wrong as long as there is enough supporting evidence to prove me wrong. That being said, my predictions will be spot on and all will come true. Tune in tomorrow when the list is revealed. Chances are, if you're in any area of online technology & internet marketing, then your world will change drastically next year.

Here's a 2006 marketing prediction teaser to whet the appetite.

The hype around RSS aggregators will die!
Feed aggregation services will have slower growth in 2006 as compared to 2005 for several reasons.

1.) The benefit of rss / atom / rdf is the ability to pull data from sites quickly and effeciently and RSS aggregators are the crudest of applications because they only aggregate data. To date, RSS aggregators like Bloglines have applied very little logic to that which it's aggregating and that will no longer be enough to satisfy real world needs.

2.) Moms, dads, grandmother's & grandfathers will never be familiar with RSS or feed technology and they'll need something more familiar like email to get info they're interested in. RSS will be combined with email in ways we didn't think possible.

3.) Scores of companies will continue to build their businesses on top of feed technology and by applying logic to the data in those feeds. These companies will get their users the data they're most interested in, in any medium they want it in, and whenever they want it. This application of logic to the data is what will increase the value of the feed and empower users to make better decisions when they need to make them without having to worry about learning the latest tech jargan.

More will follow tomorrow :)

Technology Marketing ThinkPieces To Follow By Jason Dowdell at 03:22 PM
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