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Monday, December 12, 2005

Vlogs Crossover to TV

The blurring between TV and Internet content that started with ABC (remember the ill-fated show highlighting the funniest Web programming?) and continued with is intensifying. While most of the news has been about TV programs making downloads of their content available, now video logs are being made available on the small screen.

According to The New York Times, popular Vlog RocketBoom has signed a deal to make its videos available through TiVo.

The two companies will split the ad revenue as part of the deal, which legitimizes how Internet content can find an audience and be supported through advertising. If you are producing quality content -- whether its via blog, podcast, or vlog -- there will be ways to monetize it.

The next step will be to hook up vlog creation tools such as VideoEgg or Serious Magic or vlog directories with an automatic video ad insertion technology, similar to the platforms used by radio stations to make money from their webcasts.

TiVo, Microsoft, and yes, Google, will be duking it out to create services that integrate the best of TV and Internet content. Who will have the best search algorithms as well as tools that match online and broadcast content with an individual's taste? The competition is just starting.

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