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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Verticals & Aggregators

This session should be interesting, there are some bright folks with some unique backgrounds and experience in their own specific verticals. Here's the cast of characters.

Tony Gentile: One smart dude, runs Buzzhit blog and is VP Product Management at Healthline
Pete Flint: CEO Trulia [had not heard of them or him til today - real estate site with a nice ui]
Bryan Everett: SVP Sales at Looksmart [who hasn't heard of Looksmart, did you know they own]
Craig Donato: CEO Founder Oodle [Interviewed Craig a while back]

Pete Flint made a good point about vertical search when he said you can hone in on the intent of the user in a way you can't with all purpose, one size fits all, general search. Read my post from earlier this morning about how / why you can have a much better result set for vertical search that you just can't get in general search.

The panelists are talking about being fairly new and how many pages they have indexed in each search engine. Bryan Everett says has 12 million articles, however they only have 7+ million pages indexed in Google. Hmmm, what gives?

Pages Indexed In Google of Panelist Sites
Healthline has 155,000
Oodle has just over 9 million
Trulia has 850,000

Read between the lines as necessary to see which of these sites has done the best job of making the content on their site readily indexable by Google. Of course I could dig into every other engine but this is just a little anecdote to get your wheels turning.

This panel in one sentence
Know your users and present information from many disparate resources into a single user interface and tweak your algorithm to your users' needs.

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