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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

MYSPACE / AIM Virus Warning

Just wanted to warn fellow AIM users of the potential of this new AIM virus that is going around. I'm not exactly sure what virus it is spreading because I haven't seen any updates to or When they do post an annoucement I'll be sure to post a follow up here. In the meantime, this is what a potential AIM virus threat will look like.

CUgrl (5:57:56 PM): look at my new picture

The URL to the Myspace image does not work but the actual url if you were to click on the AIM link is I obviously removed the variables on the end of the URL, as to not accidentally infect anyone else.

With the popularity of MySpace, this virus has a potential to infect a very large number of people, so do your part and 'Blog This' post, pass the URL around in AIM, or just call your friends and tell them not to click on any MySpace links without actually looking at the URL when you hover over it.

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I posted some resources that may help you fix this MySpace/Aim Virus

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