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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Monetizing Mobile Marketing

There has been considerable discussion lately about making RSS feeds self-supporting by integrating advertising. I agree this can work as long as the ads are very appropriate to the feed content.

For example, like AdWords, people who set up a custom feed through Yahoo for "Yankees" would be pitched baseball wares. I don't believe that random ads will work in this space because people sign up to RSS feed to reduce clutter and maximize their time online, so stuff that is not of interest won't be tolerated.

There are a growing number of services for delivering RSS to mobile devices, and this is one area where ad-supported services could really pay off. As this article wisely states, you have a captive audience, and I bet they would accept some appropriate ads for the convenience of receiving continuously updated feeds.

Many mobile phone users are accustomed to paying for additional services, but a service that's free to try would get many more eyeballs. Also, RSS ads through mobile phones gives access to people who are otherwise out of reach.

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