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Friday, December 09, 2005

Google Web Clips Feed Mail

Google continues to refine its Gmail service and is creating more opportunities for contextual marketing. The new Web Clips service places a single RSS headline above the message list.

Gmail comes with a default list of feeds which can be customized. It's very clean (unlike Google's RSS reader) and makes it easy to scroll through your list of feeds. Web Clips is now throwing in the occasional sponsored ad amongst the RSS links (eg. for Tupperware), so we shouldn't be surprised when Google starts delivering RSS ads that match the content of your emails.

Another possibity would be to have social networking services like LinkedIn, (or maybe a new Google service) sponsor the contacts section, and automatically adding peers to your Gmail address book would be useful.

Google can use the history provided by your past messages (since Gmail archives everything) to find out the subjects you read and write about most often. For example a book club that communicates via email would be a good bet to see ads from Amazon.

Google has also started tracking people's news searches as part of the search history archive. This gives Google's personalized search even more data to make searches individual specific, which enables targeted ads that should increase click through rates.

And completing today's Google trifecta, lots of folks are up in arms about the company's tweaking its AdWord rankings to now consider the text of the landing pages. Google says the new quality score will benefit users because they will be happier with the results when they click through. Google posted some optimization tips, but advertisers are not happy that their carefully optimized ads may not yield the same rankings. Advertisers can't expect Google to remain static in its ranking formulas forever, and hopefully the tweak will weed out some of those who are gaming the system.

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