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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Games Go Ka-Ching

The just-released Activision/Nielsen study on advertising in video games says that when product placement is appropriate, gamers actually enjoy being exposed to higher doses of advertisements.

The study also reaffirms what we already knew about getting the message out -- repeat, repeat, repeat, and when you finish that, repeat again. Increasing brand awareness is important, but how do advertisers interject transactions into the games that will increasingly be connected to the Internet?

Gamers won't tolerate anything slowing down the speed of the action, so the best place to connect with potential customers is when they advance to a new level of the game. Let's say you've just completed a mission of Grand Theft Auto: Amsterdam where you saw a dozen Domino's ads, and you are offered $2 off your order if you make an interactive purchase. No need to grab the phone, and since your credit card info is already stored online, pizza nirvana is within your gamepad.

Other similar opportunities would be to buy the 50 Cent t-shirt your player was wearing during Street Hoops, or the copy of the Fantastic4 DVD between rounds of the game.

Players could earn some of the "money" used to buy gear through competitions or by clicking on ads, similar to what Microsoft is doing with Xbox Live.

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