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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Amazon Ripping Off Blogosphere

Moshe pinged me about a new feature in Amazon he discovered today. Moshe wrote a book called The Pebble And The Avalanche and as an author he's obviously interested in how many books he sells so he checks his Amazon stats often. As part of checking them out he discovered this new feature Amazon calls a concordance.

Those in the blogosphere that love using the web as our platform rather than the operating system know this as a tag cloud. How on earth can Amazon so blatantly rip off the blogosphere and not pay any homage, that just ain't right.

Here's Amazon's description of Concordance
"Concordance is an alphabetized list of the most frequently occurring words in a book, excluding common words such as "of" and "it." The font size of a word is proportional to the number of times it occurs in the book. Hover your mouse over a word to see how many times it occurs, or click on a word to see a list of book excerpts containing that word."
You can submit feedback to and I encourage you to do so... geesh, some people!

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