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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Google Pays For Firefox Switch

Google to destroy Internet Explorer A friend of mine passed me this site that says Google will pay you to get users to switch from Microsoft's Internet Explorer to Mozilla's FireFox. Explorer Destroyer and Kill Bills Browser state that Google has backed Mozilla's effort to "take back the web" by giving you, or any other referrer, one whole dollar everytime you get someone to download Firefox. Now obviously we all wont become millionaires over night from this but I did set up a wire transfer between my bank and Google's. I'm not getting ahead of myself am I?

On the business side of things, this says a few things subtly. First, this probably answers the question of whether or not Google is planning to build its own browser, most likely not or else why would they back Mozilla. Secondly, Google's ego is huge! Sure they maybe the big dog in search but overall their business is still a drop in the bucket compared to Microsoft's, and if they keep poking at it, they make wake the sleeping giant. And while this may all seem like Google is helping the little guy fight back and stand up to big bad Microsoft, they have an ulterior motive somewhere, maybe Google has plans to buy Mozilla?

I hope people are not blinded by the aura of Google and the thought that they can do no wrong because I still believe if they continue on their current trend of putting out bad products and attempting to monopolize the web, they are the next Evil Empire!

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