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Monday, November 28, 2005

Another Manic Monday

Now that the turkey eating and Black Friday are behind us, most of us are back at the office and ready to get down to some serious shopping? According to a survey, "Cyber Monday" is a big shopping day, with 77 percent of retailers reporting increased sales on the post T-day Monday.

That got me thinking, why aren't more e-tailers aggressively promoting one-day sales that enable shopping without having to get up at 4 a.m. and risk being "Walmarted" into unconsciousness? The folks at are having a holiday sale that ends today, but a 10 percent sale on stuff at isn't worth hyping.

According to the survey, 43 percent of online retailers planned to offer sales specific to Cyber Monday, but the sales advertised on (some refurbished TiVo units) and ($1 shipping) are nothing compared to the Black Friday sales that rouse people from their beds.

The big e-tailers could use RSS to promote and move a bulk of stale merchandise by having daily specials that are truly special. As an example, Amazon could have Mechanical Monday, Ruby (jewelry) Tuesday, and Wardrobe Wednesday where they have deeply discounted 24-hour sales on selected items, which would likely increase sales of other products and get people to more regularly visit. Consumers and affiliates would subscribe to these feeds to automatically find the best bargains.

I am able to set my purchase price for buying stocks, so why not stockings? Sites like Froogle and Coolsavings should take a page from and Priceline and send e-mail or SMS alerts when that wood chipper you've been considering finally sells for under $400.

Just think how much data e-tailers could get from collecting "reverse auction" data, such as people saying that while $35 is too much for that dolphin lamp, 700 people would pay $20. I realize that the inventory pressures aren't the same for virtual stores, but the goal of getting people in the door is.

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