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Thursday, October 27, 2005

VideoEgg & TypePad Strike A Deal

VideoEgg & TypePad Buddy UpEarlier this week I told you about a deal that would be announced Tuesday and then I didn't follow up on that deal. Needless to say I've had a few things occupying my time as of late, one of which is the forming of a new startup. Yes, that´s right, I'm putting together a new startup, that will hopefully knock your socks off and it´s taking up a ton of time but everthing is going according to plan. I´ll talk more about it in the not so distant future, but for right now we´re keeping a tight lid on the box so as not to show our hand too quickly. But the only thing that has to to with the Video Egg / TypePad deal is that I didn´t have time to post about it because I was in meetings all day Tuesday and I figured the blogosphere would be all over it, but yet again, they've let me down. The only place that really picked up on it was PCWorld, now what does that say about the blogosphere, shame shame.

So VideoEgg is going to provide TypePad [a SixApart company] users with the ability to upload videos to their blogs. Now VideoEgg isn´t the only company doing something like this. My buddy Eric Rice´s company, audioblog, does that as well. But the difference is VideoEgg is only focusing on video, I´m tempted to say that´s a good thing but you never know. Here are a few snippets from the press release that went out Tuesday.
“VideoEgg, Inc., a leading innovator in web-based video publishing solutions, today announced a major step forward in making video blogging simpler, by integrating its signature offering, The VideoEgg Publisher, into Six Apart Ltd.'s TypePad service, currently one of the most popular blog platforms on the market. The VideoEgg Publisher is a Web-based video publishing technology that makes it easy for users to capture, encode, upload, and share online video...

...For the first time, TypePad users can painlessly upload videos to their TypePad blog without the headaches of encoding formats, export settings, incompatible player versions, long uploads, or complicated video software.”

So I think it´s pretty cool and I predict we´ll see more entries by startups into the video publishing / tv over ip world. [as if we haven't seen them surge out of the woodwork already].

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