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Monday, October 24, 2005

VideoEgg Interview & Partnership Announcement

VideoEgg News & Inside Scoop Coming Tomorrow Who loves ya? Tomorrow, VideoEgg, a company that offers web-based video publishing solutions which make it easy to for internet users to encode, upload, host and watch video is rumored to announce a big partnership. And who is the only blogger that has an exclusive interview lined up with Kevin Sladek, one of the company's co-founders? You guessed it, MarketingShift!

I can't say a whole lot about the partnership announcement but I can say it is going to turn a lot of heads and make a lot of folks realize a new market they didn't really realize existed. One of my friends is in a similar space but because his product line segmentation is not quite as focused as VideoEgg, he hasn't gotten a ton of attention but he has gotten a bit of venture capital funds recently.

Ok, I've already said too much, but stay tuned cause tomorrow I'll show you a new area to direct your marketing research and ad spend.

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