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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

PongPong XML-RPC Blog Pinger For Desktop

PonPong by Chris Simpkins, client side blog pinger.
I'm testing out a new pinging service called PongPong. It's like pingomatic without all of the nasty wait times [remind you of a certain blog search engine that rhymes with Aristocrati?]. PongPong is a client side tool that allows you to ping the major blog aggregators slash search engines from your desktop, thus alleviating the slow load times resulting from a billion users using a web based xml-rpc blog pinging service.

The developer of PongPong is Chris Simpkins [could this be him?], is the one that contacted me about his application and seems to be keeping a close eye on the blogosphere for reviews and feedback on his pinging software.

You can download PongPong here, it's currently in beta and is available for Mac OSX as well as Windows.

btw, I just installed it and am having problems... appears that some java config file is trashed or something. Chris, where are you?

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