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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

MSN adCenter Account Creation Hack

Wanna MSN adCenter Account?Yep, that's right. Microsoft´s latest product hasn't even been released and I've got your hack right here. The MSN adCenter is going to compete with Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing [formerly known as Overture] and every other ppc program out there. I'm a little unclear as to when the MSN adCenter is actually scheduled to launch, I initially thought it was set to launch today but I think it may be the 18th of next month. I'll let you know as soon as I find out, chances are their PR department will be all over me just after I publish this post anyway.Hacking The New MSN adCenterFirst off this hack is just a way for you to sign up for an account without being invited as a beta tester. Right now MSN is rolling out the program to a handful of agencies & influential individuals in an effort to get feedback on the product and build buzz. But what if you don´t have an invite... ah yes, let us begin.First off you can go to the MSN adCenter url directly and you'll be greeted with a signin page. But if you don't have an account that will do you no good. But when you click on the link to create an account the form may ask you for the email address your invitation was sent to. Note: I tried the signup form again this am and it didn't ask me for a special email addy so you may just be able to create your account from here but I'm not certain. Just post your comments on whether or not you were able to create an account here so others will know which methods for creating accounts work the most often. Ignore This Step If You Were Able To Create An Account AboveOnce you get to that page you need to go to the Singapore MSN adCenter url []. Then click on the “Create an account” link and you should then be able to create an account without having to offer up the special email address your non-existent invitation was sent to.That's it, now wasn't that simple? I'm going to post an initial review of the adCenter later today but there are a few things I must point out.1.) The urls above just found their way to me, I can't quite remember how.2.) The MSN adCenter has an incredible number of bugs and if they plan on rolling it out by the 18th of next month then I'll be impressed.3.) I'm not sure why they're rolling it out to key influencers right now because it's really just making them look bad with the amount of bugs there are in it.4.) Hey, at least MSN is finally getting it together with their own ppc management system.My full review will follow later today.

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