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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Evil Empire - Google Gaining Evil Ground On Microsoft

Is Google Becoming More Evil Than Microsoft

The evil empire is not the New York Yankees and it is not even Micro$oft, its Google. Google is on the path to become the epitome of evil to everyone involved in Web 2.0.
As I was browsing my friend Greg Yardley's commentary in hopes of finding some meat on the new Google Reader, I found an even more interesting bit of commentary. He mentions:
"Google Reader will contribute even more to the quiet (or not-so-quiet) feeling that Google’s doing too much, swiping not just engineers but business models away from the small start-up."

Continuing on he mentions, "Google is at risk of becoming the Microsoft of Web 2.0." This exact idea is something I've been pondering myself for some time, Google is becoming evil. Google has the image of the knight in shining armor because joe user has only seen Google as a good search engine, or it's good side. But now they're going after Microsoft's territory with their own IM client and Office application, but what we dont read about in the press releases are the Google Labs projects. Depending on your point of view, these projects either threaten or enlighten the very fabric of our entrepreneurial culture and society as a whole including the small businesses and start-ups, who are critical to the advancement of Web 2.0.

Google may have 99% of the world fooled but they can't slip one past the blogosphere, and as Yardley states, "it’s time for some entrepreneurship jujitsu…"

Curious to see what Google has cooking in the Lab? Well Tony Rusoe's research may give you a little more insight because he has dug up all the real word subdomains on Most of them just redirect to their search engine, but I wonder if there is a Google Calender in the works, or if they are planning on taking over the cured salty meats industry with the subdomain!

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