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Monday, October 17, 2005

AOL Partners With BlogPulse On Blog Metrics Deal

AOL Gets Blog Metrics From Intelliseek via BlogPulse
Last Friday, Sue MacDonald [Intelliseek's manager of PR] sent an email out to a few key bloggers regarding a partnership deal Intelliseek had struck with AOL that was set to be announced today [Monday]. Being a courteous blogger I decided not to post the news Friday since I figured there was an embargo on blogging about the whole deal until Monday when the official press release was sent out. Stupid me. I should've known that sitting on information "leaked" out by anyone in PR is fair game unless you have been told otherwise.

Because of my lack of indiscretion I was not the first to break the story. No, Rubel broke the headline on Friday [probably as soon as he received the email from Sue]. As a result he already has 15 other blogs linking to his post. That's one of the things that's kind of annoying about this whole blogging game. If you aren't the very first to break a story then you don't get all that much of the initial traffic slash buzz surrounding the news item. So just like a mother waiting in line at 3am in front of Toys-R-Us the morning after Thanksgiving to get her child a coveted FlyPen, sometimes you have to push your way to the front of the line and ask forgiveness later.

Before I get too carried away cry-babying about how bloggers tick me off, let me tell you a bit about the partnership. Basically, AOL is getting a bunch of blog metrics data from BlogPulse and they're going to do something similar to what Yahoo did by providing blog headlines next to news results. It's interesting to me how much attention AOL is paying to the blogosphere these days. First they acquired WebLogs Inc last week and now they're partnering with Inteliseek, I wonder where they plan on heading next... Is it unrealistic for me to predict a Technorati acquisition by AOL? I don't think so, could very well happen, but I doubt it because if they had planned on acquiring Technorati then they would not be partnering with BlogPulse right now. I know BlogPulse isn't for sale and that even if it were for sale, it would mean the BlogPulse team would have to go along with the purchase and that's not something AOL would be able to integrate very well because it's such a huge project and really needs to be run by a geek company, not a consumer facing company. You never know though, every company can be sold if a buyer has enough cash.

From the press release...
”Intelliseek announced today a new agreement to provide AOL with daily blog data and trend analysis from Intelliseek's BlogPulseâ„¢, one of the most popular blog search engines on the Internet.

Under the agreement, Cincinnati-based Intelliseek's blog data, statistics, trend charts and blog entries will be featured on the AOL® network. These daily blog reports will update Web users in real time about Internet activity and "buzz."

Included in the daily feeds will be top blogs, top blog posts, top news stories and news sources being cited by bloggers, top website/blog links being shared by bloggers, as well as the top personalities and phrases being discussed by bloggers in their posts. AOL also will have access to BlogPulse's two blogs - BlogPulse Newswire, a summary of blog activity, and the entertainment-focused BlogPulse Spotlight. “

Another interesting note here is that AOL / Time Warner owns Business 2.0 Magazine and this month had an article on reaching the unreachable demographic of people that are no longer watching television but instead spending time online. The discussed blogs as one of the places people are spending their time online so I believe I'll renew my subscription to business 2.0 and start scanning the headlines a bit closer for AOL´s foreshadowing of potential partnerships. I don't believe they mentioned BlogPulse in the article though, rats!

Back to complaint mode
Yes, I'm learning. Blogging is not a career move for me, at least not the writing part anyway. And there are notes I'm taking on what to do, when to do it and how to do it when it comes to newsworthy items, posting to blogs, stories to post, what works, what doesn't... Honestly the list goes on and on but I can tell you that I'm creating a machine and I will not be burned another time on breaking a newsworthy story before it's time if I have not been told explicity otherwise.

Rubel beware, there’s a new ruthless reporter in town, and he’s got wicked sweet images to go along with all his posts :)

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