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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Yahoo Leading Local Search?

From Technology Review magazine comes a post about how Yahoo has the biggest head start in the local search field as well as the best brand loyalty when compared to Google and MSN.

"Yahoo is poised to capitalize on the mobile search capabilities, though for now, the search wars are all about the desktop.

In the competitive field of search services, Yahoo is gaining ground on its top competitors, according to a survey by Market Researcher Keynote. While Google, Yahoo and MSN were the top choices of the 2,000 consumers surveyed, Yahoo maintained the highest user loyalty, primarily because of its localized search.

All three companies are targeting local search moving into the future, but Google and Microsoft haven't yet found their groove.

Simplicity is the key to all successful search engines. Yahoo and its competitors know getting users information fast and easily is the key to success with consumers who are not computer savvy about search."

Interesting points about local search and how Yahoo's leading the way.

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