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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Nooked - SimpleFeed Competitor?

I saw an AdSense listing on my blog the other day about a company called Nooked. At first glance they appear to do the exact same thing as SimpleFeed. Since SimpleFeed doesn't have any known competitors I decided to ask Mark if he knew of this new company and if they are an actual competitor to his product. Here's the skinny.

doesn't user unique subscriber urls
so their reporting can only be as good as

Here is a Nooked feed URL

Here are sample content URLs (everyone uses unique content URLs)

Essentially this link says 'link to article owned by publisher 'nooked' published on /17/05 in the database record 'xxxxxxxx'. Pretty standard redirect clickthrough counter.

So in addition to not having personalization, they do not use unique subscriber URLs, and their reporting will be very approximate. Note this post from

Thanks for the info Mark!

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