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Monday, January 03, 2005

Google Scandal On 60 Minutes

Jason Kottke is reallly hot under the collar after the 60 minutes piece on Google last night. He's upset because 60 minutes used the following quote from John Battelle...

"If anybody got a Porsche or a Ferrari right now at Google, they'd probably be drummed out of the company"

I agree that it's a completely false statement from John but I don't know that it's that big of a deal. Yes there are those exercising their stock options on expensive toys, but just because John Battelle says there isn't anyone doing that doesn't mean 60 minutes is stupid. It just means John isn't as "in touch with Google" as 60 Minutes thinks he is. They probably chose him because of his popular blog and his smooth looks.

What I find much more important is the fact that 60 Minutes asked questions to Sergey about what he's purchased and all he said was a new t-shirt. Then they sensationalize that and combine that with John's statement about frowning upon employees exercising their options. I'd love to swap notes with kottke and get his input on exactly why John's quote has him so hot.

Update: Shellen informs me this is a inside joke among A list bloggers and its a 1999 thing. Ever have that Napoleon Dynamite "I feel so stupid, gosh!" feeling? Yeah, me too.

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