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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Google Bug no.4 - Searching For File Names

Curious about a file extention I'd never seen before (.g) I decided to search Google for the answer. A search for "file:g" returns nothing and I mean nothing. No search results, no message like "There were 0 sites found for that results", NOTHING! I thought, this can't be right. So I added a character before the filetype param and I naturally started with the letter "a" like so "a filtype:g" since it's been blessed with being associated with the number 1 in most of our heads. BAM! Nothing again. Knowing the proverbial, 3rd time is always a charm, I tried the same search with b "b filetype:g" and finally got some results. Google bug number 4 by Jason Dowdell I know I could've used "inurl: .g" but I'm really after the file type and extention information and not sites using it. Reason I Found Google bug 4 Well, I was on Blogger (as usual) and saw they were using .g in their file extention on the Blogger profile search. Since I didn't remember seeing that file type before I decided to dig into the Google mines and see what I could find. I'm sure it's just some random extention but for those of you out there looking for Google's next big move I'll give you the conspiracy theorist version. Google File Extention Anyone? Perhaps Google's created their own file extention as a way of permeating our lives even more. I mean they already have their own file system, gfs for short. And with the launch of gmail they've showed us they will be more than a search engine. I mean, every time you use gmail you're creating brand recognition for the lego server inspired logo. Heck, they have their own operating system as well so a file extention is nothing. Or like I said earlier, it could be just a random file extention. You be the judge.

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