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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Bloglines Subscribers Update Your Feed

I've switched urls from airgin dot com to so all of you need to update your feeds to use the new url because I've got a 301 redirect on airgin dot com. I've switched domain names for a couple reasons.

Top Reasons for Switching From Airgin to Marketing Shift
5. Airgin is a lot like virgin and I don't want any legal issues to arise, ever!
4. My blog is dedicated to documenting the shift from analog marketing to digital marketing and I felt is a much better description of the essence of the blog.
3. Nobody could pronounce airgin (virgin with an "a") much less spell it.
2. New url has Marketing in it, that's always a plus when done tastefully.
1. Say Marketing Shift real fast and it sounds like you're cursing. Marketing Sh1t!

Bloglines Subscribers Read This
All of you bloglines subscribers still trying to get the old feed need to delete it and add the new one. Yes I'm talking to all 4 of you! Henrikt, MartinBSP, MFagan, and Omit. Thought I didn't know who you were did ya! I got my eye on all 4 of you, lol! Anyway, update your feeds cause the old feed ain't workin no mo'!

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