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Friday, August 13, 2004

More GoogleDance Photos

Google has posted photos of the 2004 GoogleDance held during the Search Engine Strategies conference last week in San Jose. Party was a blast but I don't see any photos of myself. Bummer.
Photos from the GoogleDance held in August 2004 at Google Headquarters.

More GoogleDance Photos By Jason Dowdell at 12:45 PM
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Yahoo! and Google / Different Audiences, Right?

No links on this one but I recently posted on a forum about the audiences Yahoo and Google cater to and why they're different. I'm still amazed most folks don't understand this yet.

Experience has proven that while the major search engines are just that, major search engines, they still have core followings of users. Seems like everyone is on the "niche search engine" bandwagon these days because that's where the highly targeted content lies and the highest conversion rates. While that may be true, the major search engines also have distinct sets of users and conversion levels and traffic levels can be drastically different based on the type of site for Yahoo and Google. While MSN and Yahoo do incredibly well for retail sites, Google does better with technology and information sites. Just looking at the marketing message of the two makes this clear.

Yahoo's two main products are Overture and Yahoo. Both have unique marketing focuses and are equally sexy. Overture appeals to the Madison Avenue Ad Executives because it's so clean and crisp while Yahoo appeals more to the person on the go that needs their search engine to be all things to all people (a.k.a. Life Engine). Then Google on the other hand is an another kind of animal in it's own right. It's got an overly simplified interface and logo to boot. It uses lego colors as the theme and focuses on relevance and speed. The motto there is "less fluff more stuff" and it's apparent in their products.

My point is you must know who your target audience is and seek out venues to focus your marketing efforts on. While Barry's site see's little traffic from Yahoo and the majority from Google, there are thousands of sites with completely the opposite results. It's like the warning label on a bottle of medicine. "Use with caution, results may vary".

Yahoo! and Google / Different Audiences, Right? By Jason Dowdell at 12:39 PM
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Real Audio Promoting Flash Video Arcade

I was mildly amused when a pop-up window opened this morning during a routine website visit. Usually I get ticked off when a pop-up window subverts my Google Toolbar's pop-up blocking feature but I found this one to be humorous so I decided it was ok. Real Audio is promoting an online video arcade that uses games built in the Macromedia Flash application. I find that funny since Real Audio touts itself as "The Home of Streaming Media" according to it's own title tag. And it has proprietary video and audio streaming capabilities and it's own file format. Yet they can't develop video games in them so they must use the industry standard (FLASH). Ahhh, the irony kills me. RealAudio is promoting an online video arcade using games made in Flash.  Isn't that like admitting their own file formats aren't relevant?

Real Audio Promoting Flash Video Arcade By Jason Dowdell at 07:37 AM
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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Microsoft's New Algorithm for Link Analysis

Microsoft's been breaking ground on a new algorithm to place weight on links using more depth than PageRank and HITS currently do. They're calling it Block Level Link Analysis. It boils down to the fact that a link pointing to a page is just one view of a picture and in order to get a larger view you must step back and analyze that view with 20 other views and create a collage or Node as they like to call it.

Great reading if you've got a couple weeks to wrap your head around it and do the follow on research.

Microsoft's New Algorithm for Link Analysis By Jason Dowdell at 10:59 PM
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480-Pound Woman Dies After Six Years On Couch

Can you believe this woman died when she was surgically removed from her couch? "Gayle Laverne Grinds, 40, died Wednesday, after a failed six-hour effort to dislodge her from the couch in her home. Workers say the home was filthy, and Grinds was too large to get up from the couch to even use the bathroom."

480-Pound Woman Dies After Six Years On Couch By Jason Dowdell at 02:06 PM
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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Comparison of Blogger vs. TypePad

There's a great discussion regarding a post asking for pros and cons of Blogger and TypePad. If anyone wants to know the differences then this is a great place to start. Unfortunately I don't have the option of testing out TypePad since the ink's still not dry from my new "B" tatoo.

My 2 cents... Can't beat blogger and they'll be adding more features that will surpass anything TypePad has or will have.

Comparison of Blogger vs. TypePad By Jason Dowdell at 10:49 PM
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Google Content Portal

If you're still hungry for more Google then check out the .directory dedicated to all things Google. The amount of time some people have on their hands just blows me away.

Google Content Portal By Jason Dowdell at 10:43 PM
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Monday, August 09, 2004

Shellen's GoogleDance Photos

Here are some photos Shellen took at the Google Dance. I can't believe I forgot my camera on the east coast. Here's Shellen and I, do I look pissed off or what? Must've been because Google ran out of beer.
Jason Shellen & Jason Dowdell: evil twins!

Shellen's GoogleDance Photos By Jason Dowdell at 03:38 PM
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