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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

RSS Feed Search Engine Comparison of Features

For those of you interested in searching feeds rather than searching web pages you have several options. RSS feed search engines index rss feeds when they're updated and index the results of the feed so they are searchable. Most feed search engines require a site to ping them when their feed has been updated so as to not waste the precious bandwidth of their feed crawler. Others however will crawl your xml feed and index it on a regular basis just like the big boys do.

Here's a list of Some of The Most Popular Feed Search Engines

I've found that one of the best places for a blog to be listed is within the Yahoo directory. Since personal web sites are given a "Get Into The Yahoo Directory Free Card" I highly recommend submitting your blog to Yahoo's directory if it's of a personal nature.

I've also found that using pingomatic to automatically ping several blog feed search engines and directories when you've updated your blog is extremely handy although sometimes you may see a delay in the time it takes for your feed to get indexed by each of the feed engines. I'm not certain if this is a technical problem with PingOMatic or if it's just a simple case of too much demand and not enough processor on the part of the feed search engines themselves.

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RSSMicro is a high quality RSS Feed Search Engine with some unique features and functionalities. AJAX enabled, fast response time, and relevant search results make it one of the best specialized search engines on the web.

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