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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Money Follows Trends: Look at This Trend!

It's amazing to see the number of new blogs popping up every day and the fact that we have companies like Technorati tracking them. The CEO of Technorati recently published some findings on his blog about this growth in blogging. Some interesting stats from his personal blog entry follow.

Number of WebLogs Technorati is monitoring.

*8,000-17,000 new weblogs created every single day.
*On an average weekday, they're seeing over 15,000 new weblogs created per day.
*45% of the weblogs they track have not had a post in over 3 months.
*275,000 individual posts every day
*Even with the 45% of folks not posting factor there are an average of 10.9 posts to the
3,000,000 blogs Technorati monitors on a daily basis.
*More than 3 blogs are updated every second.

Blogs recently added to the Technorati Index

Personally I believe we're in another special time of internet growth. Obviously marketers are going to find ways to continue to capitalize on blogs but that's all part of the maturing web. Since folks are watching less tv than ever before in order to surf the web and blog the marketers are going to follow those eyeballs.

An interesting quote from Doc Searls blog giving his perspective on how marketers view 'consumers'. "we're eating content and crapping cash" I'm not sure I'd go that far but it's a good point.

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