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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Delta Always Loses My Luggage

I'm reading a Delta Press Release about them investing $15 - $25 million dollars implementing an RFID luggage tracking system. I read a similar story in this month's issue of Wired about a grocery store in France that uses RFID tags to check stock levels, update prices of products on the fly, automatically reorder items when their stock level is low, watch an item as it travels through the store like big brother (woops, that's just my own thought).

Anyway, the reason the Delta article interests me is because they've lost my luggage on two of my last 3 flights with them. Last time my luggage ended up in Cincinnatti and I was in Orlando, go figure! Hopefully they'll get this thing implemented soon so I don't have to keep carrying a change of close in my backpack and waiting up until 3 a.m. each time they forget my luggage. Kind of sucks having to wait up that late after you've had a busy day of travel. Talk about jet lag.

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